Chevrolet #Corvette #C7 Seat Cover step by step installation ft. ‪@loganbirchfield‬

This video is step by step installation ft. @loganbirchfield‬ showcases the installation process of custom seat covers from Kustom Interiors specifically designed for the Chevrolet Corvette C7. @loganbirchfield begins by highlighting the significant improvement these custom covers provide over the factory seats and emphasizes their affordability and precise fit. He demonstrates the installation steps, starting with unfolding the covers and attaching various hooks and zippers to secure them tightly to the seats. He explains how the covers are designed to fit snugly around seat controls, airbags, and other features, ensuring a seamless appearance.

In the end, the @loganbirchfield highly recommends the Custom Interiors seat covers for their superior fit and finish compared to universal seat covers. He praises their ability to enhance the interior appearance of the Corvette C7 and concludes by encouraging viewers to consider these covers for a more stylish and well-fitted interior.