Kustom Interior | Best seat covers for your Ford Mustang! @kennygrifana

In today's video, we are joined by Kenny Grifana, a well-known automotive enthusiast, as he unboxes, installs, and reviews the leather floor mats and seat cover by Kustom Interior, designed specifically for his 2019 Ford Mustang. Let's dive into the experience and see if these products truly enhance the car's interior aesthetics.

Unboxing: Kenny begins by unboxing the products, revealing the rich texture and quality of the leather. The meticulous craftsmanship is immediately evident.

Seat Covers Installation & Review:

  • Installation Process: Kenny walks us through the installation of the seat covers. He points out the importance of ensuring the covers are properly aligned for a snug fit. With his step-by-step demonstration, even a beginner can confidently install these covers.

  • Initial Impressions: Once installed, the seat covers seamlessly blend with the Mustang’s interior. Their fit is impeccable, almost giving an illusion of them being factory-installed.

  • Luxurious Appearance: Kenny can't help but gush about the luxurious touch the seat covers add. Their premium look instantly elevates the Mustang's interior, making it feel more upscale.

Floor Mats Installation & Review:

  • Design: The floor mats sport a unique hexagon pattern which is accentuated by eye-catching red stitching. This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers added grip.

  • Installation Process: Installing the floor mats is a breeze. Kenny ensures they are perfectly aligned with the footwells, highlighting how the mats contour perfectly to the Mustang's floor design.

  • Practicality: Besides their striking look, Kenny mentions that these floor mats are easy to clean, ensuring the car's footwell remains pristine.

To wrap up, Kenny believes that if you're looking to upgrade your 2019 Ford Mustang's interior, the Kustom Interior leather floor mats and seat covers are an excellent choice. They offer a combination of luxury, functionality, and a factory finish appearance.

For those interested in seeing the products in action, Kenny encourages them to watch the installation segment of the video again or reach out with any questions.

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