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With a long history of manufacturing superior aerodynamic car parts, we know how to transform a car so it stands out from the crowd. This is because, at Kustom Interior, we’re car enthusiasts just like you. We understand what car enthusiasts want. So when you shop with us for interior modifications, you’re in good hands. We will ensure your prized possession is the most photographed car in your club!

Our customized seat covers suits a wide range of domestic and imported vehicles. Whether you own a Tesla, Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Mercedes, Ford, Subaru, or Jeep or even if you need a WRX seat cover, we guarantee a perfect fit.

We’ve been developing and refining our custom seat covers for performance car enthusiasts for years, so you can trust us to sell superior quality products — every single time. Whether you want to upgrade your old cloth seat covers or give your interior a complete makeover and become the talk of your street, we’ll help make it happen.

Kustom Interior Seat Covers

We know that owners of performance cars love customizing their vehicles to reflect their personalities. Even if you want to upgrade your old dated upholstery, Kustom Interior has the solution. We have a vast range of custom seat covers that are easy to install, look and feel luxurious, and last for years.

There are other brands out there, but ours stand out from the competition — here’s why.

Easy installation

Your delivery includes covers for both the front and rear seats. Our easy-to-install car seat covers slide straight over your car’s regular stock seat covers (no removal necessary!), making installation easy and quick. The seat covers fit perfectly and have a non-slip backing so they won’t sag or move when in use. See our website for a short instructional video on how to install the covers on your car.

Luxurious quality

Made from premium quality leather-look material, our team at Kustom Interior has perfected the snug fit with seat covers that look and feel soft and luxurious. The thick, soft-touch leather texture gives a prestigious real leather impression. The covers are high-quality with attractive yet strong stitching that will not fall apart with use.

Choice of color and design

Designed with the most discerning sports car enthusiast in mind, our slide-on seat covers come in several color options, including a unique two-tone design. No matter your taste, we have something you’ll love.

Super protection

We use premium waterproof materials that protect your original seat covers from any stain or scratches. Our seat covers also have debris-resistant features, making cleaning a breeze.

They are also compatible with OEM heat or cool seat features, so you can continue to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. The temperature changes won’t damage the material.

Airbag safe

Our car seat covers don’t interfere with the deployment of airbags. They are designed to split the side seams when airbags are activated, so you will be safe regardless of the circumstances.

Durability and reliability

Our team is relentless in its pursuit of safety, reliability, and durability. We ensure that every seat cover is engineered and rigorously tested against stringent standards during production. All our seat covers are made with high-quality materials for aesthetics and durability.

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