Are Kustom Interior Ford F150 Seat Covers BETTER Than Katzin?! ft. @AndrewDoesLife


In the video, the installation of 2021+ Ford F-150 Premium Artificial Leather Seat Covers. The seat covers, provided by Kustom Interiors, are specifically designed for Ford F-150 models, ensuring a precise fit rather than a generic fit-all design. According to @AndrewDoesLife, they are praised for their affordability, costing approximately $450-$470 for a complete set, contrasting with the $2000 expense of a full leather interior. Installation is depicted as straightforward, taking around an hour and a half, with features such as zippers for easier fitting and retention of functionality like side airbags and fold-down seats. The final result is revealed, demonstrating a high-quality appearance akin to the pricier alternative for enhancing the truck's interior.